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James Mejia

Design & Development

I create uniquely engaging & intuitive user experiences that offer cutting-edge performance at any scale. My approach is straightforward, honest, and user-focused.


  • US Web Design System
  • Digital.Gov
  • Aerospace
  • Black+Decker

Latest posts

  • Making the blog

    How I created the blog and lessons learned. The intro blog post was 184 characters (31 words) or so the character/word count tool tells me. Despite the low word count, a lot of work went into creating the blog. More than I had originally anticipated.

  • Updating to AstroJS 1x beta

    When I originally implemented AstroJS it was on version 0.20.12, when I came back it was already in 1.0.0-beta.36. This post describes the issues and solutions in updating this little site.

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