I have the skills and passion to create unique and intuitive user experiences. With my expertise in complex CSS architecture and development, my websites will perform well and look great at any shape or size.


Homepage for Aerospace


Another component based build for Drupal 8. The main challenges were keeping the big beautiful imagery, while keeping the site fast.

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Homepage for Draperlabs


A component based approach using bricks. This allowed us to give content editors much more control over the site, without messing with the integrity of the design.

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Homepage for Texas Pacific Group

Texas Pacific Group

This was one of the first Drupal 8 sites. As well my first Drupal site. This new homepage on the left uses responsive images to only serve the image you need. The image is randomly selected from 4 pieces of content.

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About page of Spectrum Onboarding Site

Spectrum Onboarding

I collaborated with Spectrum's HR department to design and build a new onboarding site. The main goal for this webpage is to introduce new employees to the company and engage them in a friendly way.