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Setting up linting & formatting

A quick walkthrough on setting up linting & formatting checks using stylelint, eslint, and prettier. Whether your working solo or on a team setting up linting and formatting is important. Benefits of doing this:

  1. Easily catch errors before they happen.
  2. Set consistent style rules to follow best practices.
  3. Learn best practices for modern workflows.
  4. Improve the overall quality of your work.

Getting started

To get started we’re going to install a few NPM packages.

Dependencies we’re going to install:

  • eslint
  • eslint-config-airbnb-base
  • eslint-config-prettier
  • eslint-plugin-import
  • eslint-plugin-promise
  • prettier
  • stylelint
  • @18f/identity-stylelint-config ⏤ I need this one for work, but they’re good rules.

Install the packages with the following NPM command:

 npm install --save-dev eslint stylelint prettier eslint-config-airbnb-base @18f/identity-stylelint-config eslint-plugin-prettier eslint-config-prettier eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-promise

Create config files

Create config files for eslint and prettier settings.

First lets setup stylelint config. This one is pretty simple. We’re just using the 18F stylelint plugin.

# .stylelintrc
extends: "@18f/identity-stylelint-config"

And one for eslint. If you’re working on web projects you’ll need to add browser and es2021 into your environment key. Below that we’re defining the plugins we’ve downloaded. This avoids us having to write out own rules. Eslint-config-prettier avoids prettier and eslint rules conflicting with each other.

# .eslintrc.yml
  browser: true
  es2021: true
extends: ["airbnb-base", "eslint-config-prettier"]
overrides: []
  ecmaVersion: latest
  sourceType: module
rules: {}

Adding scripts

Save yourself some time and write some NPM scripts to quickly test and fix issues.

// package.json
"scripts": {
  "lint": "npm run lint:sass & npm run lint:js",
  "lint:js": "npx eslint './src/**/*.js'",
  "lint:sass": "npx stylelint '**/*.scss'",
  "lint:fix:js": "npx eslint --fix './src/**/*.js'",
  "lint:fix:sass": "npx stylelint --fix '**/*.{sass,scss}'",
  "prettier": "npx prettier --check './src/**/*.{css,scss,sass,js}'",
  "prettier:fix:js": "npx prettier --write './src/**/*.js'",
  "prettier:fix:sass": "npx prettier --write '**/*.{sass,scss}'",

It might look like a lot, but we’re setting up tests for:

  1. Linting
  2. Test formatting
  3. Fixing issues

That’s it! You can now test locally or in a [CI] workflow

*[CI]: Continuous Integration